WESC 2016

2016 World Executive Search Congress

Understanding the New Battleground in the War for Executive Talent

For the 2016 World Executive Search Congress, this year, leaders from both executive search firms and in-house executive talent acquisition teams will meet at one of London’s most prestigious places – The Tower of London

Demand for executive talent is growing and the search industry has returned to revenue growth. However, while fees are rising clients are increasingly using external firms for only a subset of assignments, while building internal teams that handle increasing numbers of executive searches.  This means, for a Search firm to be successful, it needs to demonstrate superior performance – consistently. Corporate search teams are raising the game, and external firms need to react.

The 2016 World Executive Search Congress, taking place on September 26-27, brings together representatives of both sides of the industry – Search Firms and Corporate representatives – and asks “How can both sides prosper in the new Executive Search market?”

This is always a great event & this year you have the opportunity to heckle me as a panellist on the Operational Excellence Panel Discussion …

Click here to view the event  http://bit.ly/WESC16

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