Our operational expertise is born out of 20 years experience in operational and research roles within the service industry. We provide a unique insight into efficiency that has its roots in technology and training and has seen companies grow from small beginnings through to global businesses.

We believe that your business processes and platform should work for you, not the other way round. They need to be flexible and robust enough to handle the exception as well as intuitive enough to make sure all team members can benefit. Striking this balance is where we excel.

As experienced professionals we are uniquely placed to assess your processes, tools and training and provide effective solutions that really enhance your business.

Typically, we are asked to develop solutions centred around technology and process often taking advantage of existing tools and developing training packages for staff. We undertake both extensive and small operational projects ranging from full process audits through to developing niche solutions for regular labour intensive tasks.

Check out some of our recent case studies below:


Process Audit
CV Cruncher
Process Audit CV Re-formatting Re-brand Tools


“My research team just aren’t performing – they’re bright, but just don’t get what we’re looking for – can you train them?”

“I spend hours reformatting documents – is there an easier way?”

“I need to rebrand all my documents, can you help?”

“My filing system is a mess and I lose stuff, can you help?”

“Can you give me & my team some training on stuff like excel which is actually useful for what I do?”

“How can make it easier to record the data I need, I seem to spend hours inputting and don’t really get anything out of it”

Process Audit

Digby Edwards was asked by a leading boutique search firm to undertake a review of their process as they were starting to struggle with research capacity, yet they had the right staffing ratios and previously robust processes. They were concerned this would risk diluting the quality of their work.

Digby Edwards spent a number of days on site meeting staff & stakeholders to understand 3 key things from each team member: what they do, how they do it and why they do it. Once this was established they were then challenged with applying those questions to the colleagues they work most closely with in the search process. This simple, but effective review was then supplemented with their process and technical frustrations. Once complete, a review of their tools including their database & software was incorporated into the review.

Upon conclusion of the consulting period a detailed report was produced and presented. The report covered all aspects of the process and was delivered within 10 days once various technical suggestions had undergone an initial testing.

A 12-point recommendation plan was delivered which touched on all aspects of the business ranging from training and technical enhancement through to collaborative and team working initiatives.



CV Cruncher

A boutique executive search firm spent an inordinate amount of time trying to reformat & brand CVs they were presenting to clients.

Candidate CVs could come in any format, with most coming in word or pdf format, having discussed various options such as utilising a third party copy typing service or building a robust template. We settled on a process that utilised the candidates own CV with a branding wrapper.

A desktop app (The CV cruncher) was built to produce a tailored front page and branded watermark across the candidate CV from any mainstream document type.

Ultimately the app produces a branded pdf CV, names it & files it for each recruitment campaign; it now takes our client less than 20 seconds to format & produce client facing CVs.




Our client, an executive search firm, was about to embark on an entire re-brand which involved everything from name / domain through to all marketing collateral. As part of this, all CVs and ‘current documents’ needed to be re branded.

Once the new brand had been selected, Digby Edwards developed a series of scripts to go though the targeted documents, remove all old branding and replace it with the new brand. This affected thousands of documents but once the tested scripts were run the documents were re-branded within an hour.

In addition, Digby Edwards developed a drag and drop facility to brand up and file new CVs that came into the business.