IT Networks & Support

Digby Edwards provides IT infrastructure and support services to a wide range of businesses. Our solutions utilise the latest cloud based technology and provide our clients with a fully integrated, collaborative and totally portable platform. Our service goes beyond just technical support – we also help you use the software and tools as well as provide advice on third party software such as CRMs and efficiency enhancing products.

Our offering is split into 2 groups:

Sole Traders & SMEs

For businesses ranging from sole traders through to SMEs we tailor a platform to suit your needs and, where possible, utilise your existing devices. Each platform we deploy is secure, reliable, fully backed-up as well as fully accessible on all major devices. Additionally there is browser based access which will allow you to access your network from any internet enabled device anywhere in the world.

Larger Businesses

Digby Edwards have partnered with London Systems to develop a cloud based platform called Connect 365 – this platform is a completely portable, fully networked IT infrastructure that allows clients to expand and contract, move / open offices, without the associated headache and cost of moving.

Whatever your needs, your platform will be:

Secure & fully backed up

Feature rich

Fully collaborative

Totally synchronised

Accessible anywhere

Scalable & fully supported

99.9% up time