With over 20 years’ experience, Digby Edwards offers a unique & tailored data cleansing and management service. Our solutions take into account that, whilst recognising the power of data, few users enjoy the ongoing maintenance of data and so we build user friendly solutions which are easy to maintain whilst delivering data in a powerful & insightful way.

Our services have ranged from data driven admin support, a simple de-duplication of contacts through to building and maintaining fully functional CRMs.  Typical projects we are asked to tackle are summed up below in the recent requests.

As experienced professionals, we have delivered a wide and diverse range of data projects and tools. To find out more and get an accurate appraisal of how we could help, please contact us at


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“Can you merge & clean up my contacts from Excel, Outlook and our Database.”

“Can you do a review of how we’re using our database, make it easier to use and police.”

“Can you sort out our attribute coding to make it make sense & consistent across the business.”

“We’ve added a new business line, can you integrate our data into one system.”

“I need a reporting tool that automatically runs report highlighting omissions in data.”

“Can you build us a bespoke HR database to do …”

“We’re expanding into the US can you source and configure candidate data to get us started.”

“I need a system to accurately forecast our pipeline of work.”

“Can you help chose a new CRM for us, clean up our data and project manage the migration.”


We provide research services for both our executive search and corporate clients which range from talent identification through to full research & execution services.

Our 20 years’ experience spans all major industry sectors across the globe and provides our clients a cost effective for difficult to fill roles as well as an effective resourcing solution to aid capacity.

Whilst our research services centre on Executive Search; we also conduct research for a variety of needs ranging from the collation of news for regular newsletters through to insights into competitors.

Our services are priced according to the requirement and can be accessed on a fixed fee, day rate or as a percentage of the placement fee.

To find out more and get an accurate appraisal of how we could help, please contact us at



XXX and YYY merged to form XXX Group Ltd. The merger was born out of a realisation that there was a significant overlap in the business in terms of clients, candidates and service offering. The two businesses operated the same CRM database, but in very different ways with different coding structures and data field usage. The data sets involved were vast, with around 75,000 people, 22,000 companies and 12,000 assignments.

Digby Edwards took on the project to de-duplicate, cleanse and fully map the two databases as well as project manage the merge with the CRM provider. All this needed to be completed within a 6 week time-frame with minimal impact on users.


The key highlights of the project …

- Detailed functional skill coding was added to 32,000 records

- Location coding was added to records based on telephone dialing codes, postcodes, county and town names

- Updated company records, cross referencing data against 12,450 data points.

- Tidy up fields which had been misused by previous users.

- A full mapping of all 1860 fields was undertaken.

- All records were de-duplicated





As part of a strategic expansion plan which incorporated the launch of a US operation, our client wanted to augment their existing CRM tool with a rapid build out of their reach within the US. They were prepared to purchase data, but were keen that this new data would not “pollute” their already well structured and well-ordered CRM database. The data would, over the course of time, be integrated into their existing CRM database.

This project was split into 2 key phases: Sourcing & Cleansing & the Database Build.

Sourcing & Cleansing: Digby Edwards brokered a deal to purchase ¼ million records from reliable freelance data providers. The data came from a total of 97 independent different sources and so needed to be de-duplicated in a way to ensure each record had the most up to date and reliable information.  The process was then repeated against our client's existing data to provide a clean data set of some 87,000 records.

Database Build: In order to ensure the newly sourced data did not 'polute' their existing CRM, we built a bespoke multi-user, fully searchable database to house the data.  Importantly, this database incorporated export modules to prepare data for importing into their existing CRM as well as tools to enable the team to easily undertake basic research on the records utilising x-ray search tools and integrating it with LinkedIn and other data sources.





Our client is a professional guild with high profile members which, at the time had around 250 members and a regular flow of membership applications, but was running this from a mixture of excel spreadsheets and lists in word.  This desperately needed changing, so we spent some time with the business understanding what they did, how they operated and how we could make their working life easier.

We designed a bespoke database that not only efficiently and securely managed their membership but enabled them to take their data mobile syncing the system across different devices.  The key features included the following:

 - The ability to raise and track membership fees

 - Organise and administer regular events

 - Run their annual voting

 - Sync contacts and distribution lists with outlook

 - Automatically generate associated member’s paperwork and set up a filing system

 - Track and raise Direct Debit instructions